cOSMo - 2-wire OFDM Socket Modem for home automation, video, intercom, IoT & security

cOSMo OFDM Modem with FPGA OptioncOSMo is a socket C-OFDM modem for embedded applications. It features exceptional reliability in problematic environments and very quick synchronisation. cOSMo enables data rates of up to 1000 kbps across simple twisted-pair, co-ax and power cables that may be several miles long. No matter whether in a Point-to-Point (PtP) or Point-to-Multipoint (PtmP) topology, the modem particularly qualifies for use in existing infrastructure. Our modem performs better than any OFDM modem für two-wire or powerline communication available. It can replace G3 PLC modems in most cases, improving response time, data rates and robustness. Typical applications are found in home automation, IoT, video, industrial, power line, naval and security systems.

A lower-cost version of the modem with no FPGA, called cOSMo Lite, is also available.